Arlene Barclay during treatment at Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center
Arlene from Davenport, Iowa

"I'm in total remission. All of the nurses and my doctors have been amazing; the whole team has been phenomenal."

Patricia from Iowa City
Patricia from Iowa City, Iowa

“This is a place of warmth and caring for me because of the wonderful care I’ve received through my cancer journey.”

Amy from Gilman, Iowa

“I decided to trust my doctors and my God—both of which are far better than Google.”

portrait of Jill from Iowa City
Jill from Iowa City

“Our hope and prayer is that others in our family will be able to eliminate hereditary cancers as well.”

Margaret from Villisca, Iowa

“I am impressed with the rapid diagnostics used to find a neuroendocrine tumor that my local cancer center wasn’t able to detect.”

Laura portrait
Laura from Des Moines, Iowa

“I was eager to be in a clinical trial. I wanted the best care I could get, from an expert in the field.”

Matthew from Cedar Rapids portrait
Matthew from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“The welcome and care I’ve received from the staff at Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center makes me feel like a human instead of just a number.”

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