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The purpose of Community Outreach and Engagement (COE) is to make sure that the efforts of the HCCC are relevant to the State of Iowa. It focuses on engaging both HCCC and the people of Iowa to improve HCCC cancer research. This two-way focus helps researchers meet the needs of people in Iowa.  As HCCC researchers and Iowa’s diverse populations and communities communicate and collaborate, the result will be equitable access to health promotion, cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, and quality of life.   Giving community members a voice in research spaces helps to build trust and gives researchers a unique opportunity to clarify and improve their work.


COE is guided by three aims that shape the work.
Aim 1: To assess the cancer burden and cancer disparities in Iowa
Aim 2: To address the cancer burden with research relevant to underserved populations in Iowa
Aim 3: To engage the community and promote evidence-based interventions

Involvement in Research
The four research programs at HCCC, all of which are expected to engage with and perform research of importance to Iowans, include:

  1. Cancer Genes and Pathways (CGP)
  2. Experimental Therapeutics (ET)
  3. Free Radical Metabolism and Imaging (FRMI)
  4. Cancer Epidemiology and Population Science (CEPS)

COE works closely with liaisons from each program to strengthen relationships, identify potential collaborations, and enhance communication.

CGP Liaison: Erin Talbert, PhD
ET Liaison: Naomi Fei, MD, MS
FRMI Liaison: Jessica Sieren, PhD
CEPS Liaison: Nicole Fleege, MD

COE Supplemental Grant Funding Opportunity
HCCC Community Outreach & Engagement offers supplemental funding, which is open to HCCC members who are PIs on currently funded projects. The funding is specifically intended to increase two-way communication between Iowa communities and HCCC researchers and/or to increase the capacity of research teams to better engage in research that includes the community. 

Tracking COE Efforts
The Holden Community Outreach & Engagement team needs your help to accurately track the Community Outreach & Engagement (COE) efforts of Holden members, which is required by NCI. We encourage you to complete the survey when you have new information to share regarding activities or efforts that are COE-related or related to a priority of our catchment area (Iowa). If you have efforts to report, please complete this brief survey, and a member of the COE team will reach out to you if more information is needed.

If you have questions or suggestions related to community outreach and engagement, please reach out to the COE team at