Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center Community Advisory Board (CAB)
Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center Community Advisory Board (CAB)

The purpose of Community Outreach and Engagement (COE) is to make sure that the efforts of the HCCC are relevant to the State of Iowa. It focuses on engaging both HCCC and the people of Iowa to improve HCCC cancer research. This two-way focus helps researchers meet the needs of people in Iowa.  As HCCC researchers and Iowa’s diverse populations and communities communicate and collaborate, the result will be equitable access to health promotion, cancer prevention, early detection, treatment, and quality of life.   Giving community members a voice in research spaces helps to build trust and gives researchers a unique opportunity to clarify and improve their work.

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George Weiner, MD
Director, Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center


Natoshia Askelson, MPH, PhD
Interim Associate Director, Community Outreach & Engagement
Associate Professor, Department of Community & Behavioral Health
Senior Research Fellow, Public Policy Center

Sarah Nash, PhD
COE Co-Leader
Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology


Kelly Wells Sittig
COE Co-Leader
Executive Director, Iowa Cancer Consortium

Megan Schmidt, MEd, MPH
Research Specialist, Department of Community & Behavioral Health

If you have questions or suggestions related to community outreach and engagement, please reach out to Megan Schmidt at megan-e-schmidt@uiowa.edu.