Viral Vector Core

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Core Location: 221 EMRB
Phone: 1-319-335-6726

Director: Patrick Sinn, PhD

The Viral Vector Core assists Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers who are interested in developing and using viral vector construction. The core utilizes molecular biology techniques to engineer and produce viral and non-viral vectors in quantities necessary for gene transfer in research experiments or preclinical studies. Core staff works closely with investigators to plan and develop gene transfer vectors to fit individual project requirements.

The VVC brings together investigators interested in developing and using viral and non-viral vectors for gene transfer with specialists in the area of vector construction by:

  • Constructing, purifying, and performing quality control of:
    • Recombinant adenovirus
    • Helper-dependent adenovirus
    • Adeno-associated virus (AAV)
    • Lentivirus
    • Moloney murine retrovirus
    • Baculovirus
    • Vaccinia virus
  • Consulting to plan individual project requirements
  • Assisting with troubleshooting
  • Designing, building, and producing novel vectors
  • Maintaining and distributing stocks of recombinant reporter viruses
  • Designing efficient RNAi sequences using siSPOTR 
  • Generatiing RNAi expression vectors
  • Cloning expression cassettes into vector shuttles