Our members work together to produce the best results for you.

Holden’s doctors and researchers hold the title of Member. As dedicated team members, they take personal ownership in their team’s treatment of your cancer.

You’ll see team members working together to provide your care—from screening and diagnosis to treatment, support, and follow up.

Collaboration is everywhere.

Collaborations take place among cancer experts around the country.

Holden is part of the Big Ten team—the team of Big Ten university cancer centers combining their resources and expertise to launch innovations in research and treatment approaches. It’s a team of 2,600 cancer researchers and involves the care of more than 50,000 new cancer patients each year.

Collaborations take place here in Iowa.

Cancer affects animals, too. Holden researchers wondered whether breakthroughs in animal cancer care have implications for humans. So was born an innovative program between Holden and veterinary oncologists at Iowa State University. Together they seek to improve the lives of both people and their pets by better understanding environmental cancer causes, like radon.

Collaborations take place in your community.

Holden has been a leader in establishing the Iowa Cancer Consortium. The consortium is a partnership of health care providers, public health professionals, caregivers, researchers, cancer survivors, and volunteers who work together to reduce the burden of cancer in Iowa. Consortium members deliver coordinated care for you and your family as well as cancer screening and prevention.

Collaborations take place in our laboratories.

Holden researchers are part of ORIEN (the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network). Working with several leading national cancer centers, we use data collected from thousands of patients to identify very complex details about the molecular makeup of cancer. Our work with ORIEN promotes collaboration in discovering treatments and eventual cures.

Collaborations take place with you in your care.

We consider you, our patient, to be a collaborator in your care. You may be encouraged to participate in a clinical trial, receiving the benefits of a new medication or procedure. Or, you may be part of the Iowa Cancer Registry, helping providers gather important measurements about your cancer and your community. Over the years, the Iowa Cancer Registry helps chart the progress being made statewide for cancer diagnosis, treatment, and patient survival.


Collaboration takes place with industry experts
OncLive partnership seal

Holden physicians and researchers collaborate with their peers through a number of professional organizations and industry experts. One example of this is our partnership with OncLive, which shares oncology industry information and news.

The choices being made for your care and treatment are done with your preferences at the center. That’s the Holden way.