Proteomics Core

Director: Marshall Pope, PhD
Office : 355 EMRB
Phone: 1-319-335-7956

The Proteomics Core is staffed weekdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and is available 24/7 following training. A secure, web-based reservation system allows investigators to schedule instrument time.

The Proteomics Core assists researchers with micro-sequencing, structural analysis, and quantitative studies of proteins.

The Proteomics Core can assist with:

  • Protein identification and mapping constituent peptides (rather advanced) for ligands, AA substitutions, and PTM
  • Relative protein expression profiling (absolute quantification is also possible)
  • Accurate weight determination for intact macromolecules and conjugates
  • Development of quantitative MRM or PRM targeted assays (e.g. “multiplexed ELISA” with peptide standards rather than antibodies)
  • Rapid (~15 sec/sample) biotyping to determine bacterial strains
  • MASCOT, SEQUEST and SpectrumMill data analyses with final reporting in Scaffold or Excel format
  • Training on Open Source versions of MaxQuant and Perseus (statistical package for “annotation enrichment” analysis)