Microbiome Core

Director: Ashutosh K. Mangalam, PhD
Office: 1080 Medical Laboratories (ML)
Phone: 1-319-335-8558

Leeann Aguilar, MS
Office: 265-A Medical Research Center (MRC)
Phone: 1-319-353-5470

The Microbiome Core at the University of Iowa provides the necessary technology and expertise for routine microbiota analysis in any given sample to researchers/clinicians interested in microbiome studies.

Services provided:

  • Sample processing and storage
  • Microbial DNA extraction
  • Library preparation (16S and ITS)
  • Metagenomic sequencing
  • Preliminary data analysis


Helping investigators to add microbiome analysis in their programs and grant proposals


Core Location: 265 Medical Research Center (MRC)
Core Phone: 1-319-353-5470

For any questions including requests for quote, please contact microbiomecore@healthcare.uiowa.edu and please visit https://microbiomecore.sites.uiowa.edu/