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Application for Holden Membership

You’ll find a straight-forward application process that provides information about your clinical focus and/or research interests. 

Download the application.

Full Cancer Center Members

Full Members will be researchers who are active investigators participating in cancer-relevant research at the University of Iowa who can be in the tenure, clinical, research, or research scientist track. All full members will be expected to meet one or more of the following criteria.

  • Be PI on a peer-reviewed cancer relevant grant within the past two years
  • Currently be supported for 10 percent effort or more as a co-investigator on a peer-reviewed cancer relevant grant
  • Serve in a leadership role for a vital aspect of the cancer center
  • Serve a leadership role in the clinical or population research efforts of the cancer center with 20 percent or more effort dedicated to clinical or population-based cancer investigation

Associate Members

Associate members will be cancer researchers who are early in their careers and have not yet obtained peer-reviewed funding for research, and/or have internal peer review funding made by the HCCC Research Review Committee. Alternatively, associate members will be cancer clinicians who dedicate a minimum of 50 percent of their effort to the care of cancer patients at the University of Iowa, have demonstrated a commitment to the cancer center research mission, and participate to a significant degree (estimated as 20 percent effort or greater) in clinical research by enrolling patients on clinical protocols, serving as investigators on cancer research projects, such as industry supported clinical trials, or opening investigator-initiated interventional clinical trials.

Note: Full and Associate members will be listed as “members” in the CCSG P30 grant.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate members will be established cancer researchers without peer review funding for the past two years, cancer clinicians who provide care to cancer patients in the HCCC, and trainees. A trainee can be at any level of training (graduate student, medical student, resident, fellow, etc). Affiliate members will not be listed on the National Cancer Institute Cancer Center Support Grant or receive preferred treatment at HCCC cores, but will be on our mailing list and can list “affiliate member of HCCC” on their CVs.