You’re in the best of hands.

From the perspective of patient care, research innovations, training new cancer specialists, and providing service to the state of Iowa, leadership for Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center has never been stronger.

The physicians and researchers who direct Holden’s activities are prepared for their role as leaders because they also are:

  • Principal investigators in groundbreaking cancer research
  • Experts at the national and international level shaping priorities for cancer research and care
  • Communicators about cancer successes and challenges for local and national audiences
  • Mentors for young doctors and researchers who will carry the Holden legacy into the future
  • Family members who have themselves been touched by cancer

Leading by Example

George Weiner, MD, is one of Holden’s leaders, and has been in that role for 20 years. Recently, George began sharing his observations as a cancer care giver and researcher through regular blog posts that are read the world over.

One of his posts characterizes the leadership George has brought to Holden: “I consciously try to consider whether there are new and better ways of addressing challenges by designing new initiatives or shared resources to take advantage of a scientific or clinical advancement, bringing together people who share a common interest, or hiring cancer researchers with expertise in a new area of science.”

Holden’s Leadership Team

Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center Associate Director for Administration