Resources for Faculty

The Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center strives to provide basic and clinical faculty members with every tool they need to flourish as investigators and clinicians to make a positive impact in the fight against cancer.

Training Resources for New Investigators

Running a research program requires evolution and adaptation. Training doesn't end with degrees but continues at every stage, from Teen to Tenure. The HCCC ensures the infrastructure is in place to promote success.

  • Individual Mentoring Committees
  • Clinical Investigator Mentorship Program
  • ICTS
  • ICTS K-Club
  • Mentor Training

Educational Outlets for New Investigators

The Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center, Carver College of Medicine, and University of Iowa foster academic climates of continual learning. In this environment, a number of opportunities for continuing education are available to our members to promote translation of basic research toward clinical implementation.

  • Cross Programmatic Retreats
  • Multidisciplinary Oncology Groups (MOGs)
    • Breast
    • GI-Net
    • Genitourinary
    • Gynecology Oncology
    • Head and Neck
    • Leukemia
    • Lymphoma
    • Thoracic
    • Myeloma
    • Neuro-Onc
    • Melanoma
    • Sarcoma

Funding Mechanisms

The Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center, American Cancer Society, and other collaborators unite in the fight against cancer by aligning top-tier researchers and meritable proposals with funding opportunities.

HCCC Pitch Your Aims

American Cancer Society/Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center Seed Grants